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Strategic consulting and management services

Advising Executive  Management

  • Strengthening customer centricity
  • Combining EX and CX efforts
  • Organizational implementation of experience management
  • Facilitating cross-industry learning

CSM / ESM measurement

Customer / Employee  Satisfaction Measurement

  • Minimizing customer effort though efficient ask vs. observe mixes
  • Utilizing existing data for high frequency satisfaction indexes
  • Exclusive CSM/ESM tools
  • Data aggregation solutions

Action plan prioritization

Driving Experience Improvements from Data to Insight to Action

  • Industry best practice benchmarking
  • Continuous improvement programs
  • Internal and external communication programs
  • Project management

Supporting executive management in defining best-in-class experience strategies


Strategic consulting and management services

Strengthening customer centricity by combining EX and CX efforts

  • Defining a clear and executable customer experience and employee experience vision
  • Increasing internal support for CX improvement
  • Enabling employees to submit experience improvement ideas
  • Creating synergies in improving CX and employer branding

Organizational implementation of experience management

  • Maturity-based roadmap of organizational implementations that build on and evolve into each other
  • Formal and informal cooperation between customer-facing and employee-facing functions
  • Defining the appropriate staffing levels for experience management

Facilitating cross-industry learning

  • Sharing experience management best practices across industries
  • Facilitating executive level meetings and exchanges

Creating a reliable data platform to drive decisions and track progress


CSM / ESM measurement

Minimizing customer effort though efficient ask vs. observe mixes

  • Preventing over-surveying through efficient use of state-of-the art measurement and observation technology

Utilizing existing data for high frequency satisfaction indexes

  • Aggregation of observation and questionnaire data for a customer satisfaction index beyond the annual Net Promoter Score
  • experience5‘s own Great People Index as a monthly index for employee engagement, building fully on existing data to avoid over-surveying

Exclusive CSM/ESM tools

  • Great People Index for employee engagement as an efficient complementing tool to annual employee surveys
  • Customer and Employee Explorations as a pragmatic tool to explore room for experience improvement

Data aggregation solutions

  • Choosing maturity-specific tools that prevent over-investing as well as under-analyzing

Driving experience improvements from data to insight to action


Action plan prioritization

Industry best practice benchmarking

  • Benefiting from learning in other organizations
  • State-of-the-art approaches, processes, and tools
  • Results forecasting and concept vetting

Continuous improvement programs

  • Implementing continuous data-to-insight-to-action programs
  • Organizational set-up of experience management as a journey and organizational capability instead of as a limited program

Internal and external communication programs

  • Allowing internal and external audiences to participate in successes
  • Leveraging efforts in a most efficient way to impact branding and employer branding

Project management

  • Driving initiatives to completion and helping to build internal project and program management capabilities

Our Consulting Services (Examples)

CX / EX Exploration

A thorough analysis of your current state-of-the-nation in the fields of customer and employee experience. Includes stakeholder interviews, analysis of existing data, industry benchmarking and more.

Result: Understanding which phase of CX your organization is in (see above). Weighing of discovered gaps with regard to their CX/EX impact as well as the ease of filling the gaps. Recommended Action plan with resource and time estimations.

CX / EX Projekt Design and Management

From design to execution, we help organizations improve their CX and EX through cost efficient and agile projects.

CX / EX Introduction

We help organizations introduce CX and EX practices if none of few of these efforts exist so far. Focus on pragmatic and budget conscious approaches and a realistic growth roadmap. Creating of sustainable structures within the organization. Support in hiring CX/EX individuals and teams.

EX Measurement – The Great People Index (GPI)™

While the measurement of Customer Experience efforts in organizations is quite mature, the corresponding methods on the Employee Experience side are still insufficient and buggy. This is why we developed the Great People Index (GPI)™ in order to provide organizations with a flexible method for measuring their employee engagement, experience, and fit.

CX / EX Interim Management

We temporarily fill positions in the CX/EX space – from individual contributors to worldwide leadership – and help you hire experienced and suitable candidates who fit your corporate culture and meet the requirements of the CX/EX phase you are in.

Introduction of experience5’s Great People Index™ for Employee Experience measurement

Since the introduction of our Great People Index (GPI) we have seen the implementation of this efficient measurement tool at many of our clients and beyond. Often the GPI replaces the use of Net Promoter Score in the employee space – and for the right reason: GPI is more stable, doesn’t fluctuate as erratically as NPS in the employee space, and does not require any changes in the existing surveying eco system. All this makes the GPI pragmatic, cost efficient and easy to implement. Organizations gain a valuable and frequent pulse check of their own ability to attract and retain the right talent.