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Introducing MapTrack.One: Adding accountability & predictability to the organisational approach to CX

Introducing MapTrack.One: Adding accountability & predictability to the organisational approach to CX

When asking CX practitioners about their top challenges in running a successful CX program, here is what I usually get as an answer:

1. The path ahead for the program is not transparent – where are the pitfalls?
2. Our program faces frequent delays due to organizational distractions!
3. Even agreed items get revisited regularly!
4. Deliverables from the program are difficult to locate within the organisation!
5. Keeping the leadership team updated about what’s ahead is difficult!

This kept me thinking. Why do all clients I work with face these same challenges? And what is the tool or method to end this and move on happily?

I am delighted to share that we now have a solution: It is called MapTrack.One and consists of an industry best-practice based 3-year roadmap for the introduction of a CX program in large organisations. Sounds simple – well, it was and it wasn’t!

As a CX leader and consultant I have been there, done that … I am wearing the T-shirt! So I know the steps. As a member of the Executive Experience Consultants (www.executive-ec.com) I have access to the most brilliant minds in CX and could add all of their expertise as well. So, the roadmap was hard work to create, but it was done. The MapTrack.One best-practice roadmaps for the introduction of CX and EX programs, now each reflect more than 100 years of industry experience from around the globe!

Next, we needed to crate the process to adapt it to a client’s needs and make it THEIR roadmap! A powerful, ideas-loaded one-day workshop is the answer to that, and clients walk away from it with a whole new view of THEIR program.

From here on it is all about access, accountability and actuality! Making the roadmap available online for authorized users helps clients to maintain the latest view on what needs to be done, what’s next, and what to prepare for in the near future. You can see a sample at http://sample.maptrack.one and judge for yourself: having your program roadmap ready and current only a click away is a huge benefit for each program.

In summary, MapTrack.One has been a great success for our clients: they have gained an unprecedented view on what’s ahead, identify pitfalls before we get there, find updating management about the current state of the program much easier than ever before, and avoid being distracted for long by organisational distractions.

Since the launch we added meta-program management as a service to MapTrack.One, where one of our employees works with the designated program manager on the client side to identify critical milestones that run a risk of being delayed as well as keeping the program up to date in times of staff fluctuations. Because we all know, nothing is as constant as change!


If you too would like to find out more about MapTrack.One and how it can help you structure your program’s path to success, then check-out http://sample.maptrack.one. If you would like to speak directly to Stefan to discuss MapTrack.One, then you can book a time to do so here www.calendly.com/stefanosthaus/1hr