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An international Top-Speaker for Your Event!

Delivering Key Insights on Customer Experience and Employee Experience

Customer orientation without employee satisfaction will not succeed! Find out why in one of Stefan Osthaus’ fun and informative keynotes at corporate events and conferences around the globe. On stage Stefan combines insights and anecdotes from years of experience as a top global CX executive. Adding the latest from research in the field of employee experience and retention, Stefan will add that special and memorable element to your event!

Top feedback ratings from conferences, leadership retreats and all-hands company kick-offs alike make Stefan a safe bet whenever you want a top speaker who provides food for thought, motivation and new insights that make your event a stellar success.

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Stefan Osthaus – internationally acclaimed top-speaker for your event

Focus Topics

Customer Experience

Whenever Stefan Osthaus speaks about customers on stage, you will be exposed to years of experience as a global VP of Customer Experience combined with a witty presentation style that leaves audiences enthusiastic. Stefan bases his advice and insights on a success story of having increased a Fortune 500 company’s NPS score by 30 points, making them a leading CX player in their field. Stefan’s latest research led to the unique philosophy of the three Darwinist phases of customer orientation with the corresponding advice for each phase an organization can be in (see related blog article on the topic).

This lets every audience easily get the message and helps them understand where their organization stands and where to go next in order to ensure sustained success.

Employee Experience

Happy employees create loyal customers! Got that – but why does our data tell us that a majority of organizations are still highly indifferent about the 4P of employee satisfaction (pay, play, productivity, purpose)?

Complement your next sales kick-off or your next all-hands meeting with a focus on employee satisfaction and bring Stefan Osthaus in for a keynote on employee experience. Stefan will closely align with you on all other aspects of the meeting and effective support your messaging and target setting as well as – at the same time – balance them with a convincing focus on the employee side of life.

Example Presentation Topics

Feedback from previous Keynotes

  • Best presentation of the whole event!
  • Highest feedback score of all stage events.
  • Second only to the event party in participant feedback :)!
  • It was great to see in Stefan Osthaus' keynote that employee focus is not just lip service in our organization!
  • Oh, Stefan's keynote scored higher than that of our CEO!
  • It was great to see Stefan Osthaus cover some 'softer' topics at the event! We can't succeed by just driving numbers!
  • Great to hear Stefan's tips on how to promote Life Balance in my team! I thought it was just me struggling with that!
  • Thanks for adding an employee perspective to the focus of this conference - that is such a blind spot in our customer facing programs!
  • Stefan Osthaus #bestspeakertoday

Stefan Osthaus’ Background

Next to his decades of experience as a global leader in CX and EX, Stefan Osthaus is the founder of mybalance, an institution for Life Balance self-improvement and consultancy. Past leadership positions include Vice President of Global Marketing, Vice President of Worldwide Customer Care as well as Vice President of Customer and Employee Experience.

In his latest book, The End of Work-Life Balance, Stefan shook up the myth of work-life balance and guides his readers to a more balanced life.

Stefan studied at the University of Münster (Germany) and San Diego State University and holds a degree in Business Administration. He is an enthusiastic skier, horseman, windsurfer, as well as gardener, and lives in Germany with his family.


Stefan fluently presents in English or German.

Stefan Osthaus on the Link Between Balanced Employees and Great Customer Experience

An Insightful Author – When Passion Turns into an Essential Book

The End of Work-Life Balance

Stefan is the author of The End of Work-Life Balance, a book on why we set ‘work’ opposite of ‘life’ and how instead work can be a healthy, enjoyable part of life. Read how our lives are actually made up of various components that ideally complement and balance each other… more

‘The End of Work-Life Balance’ will deconstruct the misleading concept of ‘work-life balance’ and introduce the reader to the much more sustainable and holistic concept of Life Balance. Through a comprehensive guide complete with 75 invaluable tips, the reader will have immediate access to the right tools to incorporate new patterns, habits and actions into a more balanced life…

The book is available on amazon around the globe and often used as a hand-out during Stefan’s keynotes.

Customer Experience2 – The second issue of the best-selling global CX series of books

Twenty-four international CX professionals share their current best-thinking

Nowadays, anyone leading an organization or running a business will tell you that customer centricity is key. But knowing that is only one part of the equation!

What distinguishes star companies from average ones is truly making the customer the center of their organization.

The book Customer Experience2 delivers insights from 24 of the world’s leading Customer Experience (CX) professionals who share their in-depth knowledge and expertise about the aspects of CX that are essential in the continuous journey of improving the experience the organization delivers to their customers.

CX and EX are just two sides of the same coin

Stefan Osthaus, one of the authors of Customer Experience2, is a practicing professional with 20+ years of experience of working with multinational organizations. Stefan unravels how customer experience can be further improved by simultaneously focusing on employee experience. Stefan shares practical tips on improving the inward and outward environment of the company in one fell swoop.

What makes this edition particularly valuable

If you’ve ever wanted to understand what goes into being a customer-centric organization, this book provides 6 detailed sections that dive into

  • Customer Centric Culture,
  • Organization Adoption and Accountability,
  • Voice of Customer Insight and Understanding,
  • CX Design and Improvement,
  • CX Metrics, Measurement and ROI, and
  • CX strategy.

The book is available on amazon around the globe.

Events with keynotes from Stefan Osthaus

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