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The 10 best EX questions CX Leaders keep asking me

The 10 best EX questions CX Leaders keep asking me
1. Is a CX Manager also responsible for EX or do other areas have to be involved (HR?)?
2. What are common EX pitfalls and can we avoid them?
3. Which toolkit can we use to start an EX program?
4. Which methods (e.g. NPS) can be synchronized between CX and EX and which cannot?
5. Do we start with the EX first and work our way from the inside out or does it run in parallel with CX?
6. Where and how do you create interfaces between EX and CX programs?
7. How is acceptance of a CX program created among employees?
8. Will we become more relevant as a CX team by including EX?
9. How can we measure correlations between EX, CX and business results?
10. How to overcome silos and include outsourcers in providing great EX?

All of these questions get answered during our bespoke EX Strategy Day, which brings the key players in your organization together for a day, during which we develop your roadmap for a joint EX/CX program. Keen to know more? Let‘s have coffee together: coffee.experience5.de