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Stefan’s Book: The End of Work-Life Balance

From Experience – With Passion!

‘The End of Work-Life Balance’ is the compilation and culmination of Life Balance founder Stefan Osthaus’ observations regarding employee and customer satisfaction after more than fifteen years of experience as a leader in Fortune 500 companies. Osthaus first developed his Life Balance program for the leading software company Symantec, in response to the lack of satisfaction he saw amongst team members struggling to create a more sustainable life model.

Now, he’s brought all his tips and tricks together in one handy, comprehensive guide for anyone seeking better Life Balance.

The End of Work-Life Balance
Why Life is About More Than Work

Many of us have used the term ‘bad work-life balance’ to express that our lives are too much work and not enough play, but have we stopped to examine the term itself? Why do we set ‘work’ opposite of ‘life’? Can work be a healthy, enjoyable part of life and is it possible that our lives are actually made up of various components that ideally complement and balance each other, rather than two polar ends?

‘The End of Work-Life Balance’ will deconstruct the misleading concept of ‘work-life balance’ and introduce the reader to the much more sustainable and holistic concept of Life Balance. Through a comprehensive guide complete with 75 invaluable tips, the reader will have immediate access to the right tools to incorporate new patterns, habits and actions into a more balanced life.

Some Examples of what You Find Inside

  • Reduce your work list, get better sleep, manage care for your elderly parents, make and maintain your friendships, shut off your gadgets, improve the quality of your life. Be it work, relationships or the self, the Life Balance program will give its users concrete examples of what stands to be balanced in their life and what exactly they can do to achieve this balance.
  • Going beyond merely ‘work’ and ‘life,’ Life Balance will outline how areas such as work, home, relationships, friends, family and self; home, health, finance, values and time for the self all intricately fit together in a system that can be either draining—or providing valuable, sustainable energy!
  • For Life Balance users who wish to take their learning experience one step further, mybalance.net is an online community where users may interact, vet ideas, share experiences, and track their progress via an online diary. Readers who join the online community may use the $25 coupon to refund the cost of this book through the mybalance membership fee. Take the Life Balance Assessment Test, see which areas of your life need improvement and start tracking your online progress towards better balance today!

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