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Stagnating CX programs will take-off again
                               with the right focus on employees.
Which kind of customers do you deserve?
Stefan Osthaus
Customer and Employee Experience
                             are two sides of the same coin.
We help organizations to establish
                                                              or expand their CX and EX capabilities!
Keynote Programm
"It was great to see in Stefan Osthaus´ keynote, that employee focus
is not just lip service in our organization!"
Leaders who fail to demonstrate balance
                                                                         will be losers.
Lebensbalance am Arbeitsplatz
Life balance at work?
The end of the myth of Work-Life-Balance!

Winning the battle for customers and the battle for talent has become a double challenge with a single solution:


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Customer Experience

Employee Experience

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IT & Telecommunications
Automotive / Motor Sports

Financial Services
Heavy Machinery
Public Sector

Segment know-how in

Public Sector

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