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Fundamentals and Methods of Customer Experience: The experience5 CX Masterclass

Expert knowledge with implementation guarantee – now you can finally learn the basics of Customer Experience and implement them right on schedule for your own company!

The CX Masterclass is aimed at those who want to further develop their knowledge about best practice disciplines, tools, techniques and methods in the field of customer experience that are used around the globe. All participants of the Masterclass are able to create their own personal development plan and apply the acquired knowledge immediately in their organization.


During this masterclass, we will cover all main aspects of introducing a Customer Experience program in a medium to large organization.
Topics include:

  • Strategy – customer centricity is not the only possible corporate strategy … but the most sustainable
  • Culture – how to create an empowered culture for customer centricity
  • Organization – how to set-up a CX team in different phases of program maturity
  • Governance – how to ensure that findings from the CX program lead to organizational improvements
  • Customer Journey Mapping – Workshop: how to build a customer journey map and what to do with it
  • Voice-of-the-Customer programs – how to effectively and efficiently listen to your customers
  • How to turn data into insight and into action?
  • Employee Experience – CX and EX, two sides of the same coin
  • Other CX/EX topics per participants’ request

Material: Masterclass workbook – included in your ticket fee

Your facilitator: Stefan Osthaus is one of Europe’s leading CX thought leaders and consultants. He has been a leader in Fortune 500 companies for more than 15 years and has held global responsibility for the customer experience of 120 million customers as well as the employee experience of tens of thousands of employees. Stefan now helps leading organizations around the globe to combine their Customer and Employee Experience practices and treat them as two sides of the same coin. Stefan is a global keynote speaker and the author of “The End of Work-Life Balance”.

Our CX Masterclass is certified by the Customer Institute!

The CX Masterclass is also available as an exclusive in-house seminar for your team!

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Fundamentals and methods

Discuss with colleagues and industry contacts on an equal footing after you have learned all the important basics and methods of customer experience in this masterclass. Whether you’re starting out as a new employee or refreshing and completing as a more experienced member or executive of the CX team, the CX masterclass teaches the methods and approaches that have proven to be best practices across industries.

Facts and figures

From gathering customer-relevant feedback to deriving insights and creating pragmatic action plans, the CX masterclass focuses entirely on the mantra of Customer Experience “Data – Insight – Action”. You will learn how to quickly and efficiently turn your CX program into a continuous improvement program within your company. In addition, we teach you all the basics about the return on investment of CX programs, so that you too can convincingly answer critical questions about the benefits of such programs.

Networking and solving your own challenges

In our masterclass you will meet like-minded CX experts from various industries and companies. Take advantage of the opportunity to expand your network and get to know contact persons for future exchanges of ideas. The seminar will provide enough time to discuss your individual challenges with your CX program and develop effective solutions.