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Employee Life Balance Portal mybalance.net

The Leading Web Destination for Life Balance Assessment and Improvement

We said it many times and keep reiterating: customer and employee satisfaction should go hand in hand. And still, in our research we keep finding that one of the biggest concerns of employees is the lack of life balance. This is why we have developed mybalance.net for our clients.


In this unique portal you will find:

  • a profound assessment of your personal Life Balance Score™,
  • down-to-earth tips for all five main areas of your Life Balance,
  • a community to share ideas with, and
  • a diary app to track your own progress.

The mybalance portal is a web resource that allows you to assess and improve your Life Balance. It is a unique system that starts with a profound self-assessment questionnaire developed with leading psychologists and sociologists from around the world and based on principles recommended by the US Department of Labor. Taking the test yields a comprehensive Life Balance Report that clearly shows your individual areas of strength, as well as the areas that need better balance and improvement.

Once you take the test, you will be directed to a comprehensive Advice Center with categorized tips for each of the five Life Balance areas. Here you can easily build your individual Life Balance improvement plan. The Diary function and Community complete the mybalance portal and make it a well-rounded, interactive and engaging resource.

Companies may acquire a license to make mybalance available to all employees as part of their employee benefits package.

mybalance.net is available

  • to corporations who would like to make the program available to their employees through a corporate license.

All this in an

  • independent (not employer hosted)
  • profound, and
  • secure environment