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Creating Team Resilience

Creating Team Resilience

Helping Provide Sustainable Life Balance for Your Employees

Our research shows that one of the most common employee complaints is lack of a good work-life balance. This complaint is right up there with poor pay, an inadequate budget to perform tasks appropriately, and grievances regarding bosses and managers.

We talk about improving the balance between work and life, but how crucial is that dichotomy to begin with? The first step in our solution is eliminating the term ‘work-life balance’ altogether.


Work is Bad – Life is Good?

Many of us spend a major portion of our time at work, making it highly unfortunate to view that big chunk of time as something negative we have to suffer through to get to the real or good part of our life outside. It’s time to stop thinking in terms of work balancing on the opposite end of life—rather, work should integrate into a life that has much more to offer.


Introducing Life Balance

Many external factors influence how we achieve balance. Work is one important part of our well-being, and the people with whom we interact with—partners, family, and friends—greatly influence how we feel about life. The way we view and treat ourselves also determines to a great extent the meaning and quality of the life we live. Balancing these five areas—self, relationship, family, friends and work—will help us achieve Life Balance and live a more purposeful and fulfilling existence.


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