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Customer Institute Assessments

Customer Institute Assessments

Launch Pad to Improvements in Customer and Employee Centricity

Organizations are much like living organisms. Calls are coming in, sales orders are going out, meetings are held, ads produced, strategic decisions made – its hustling and bustling with activities of everyday life. If all is going well, everything should be running smoothly. But let’s face it, more often than not, interruptions happen – organism gets a signal: “Something is wrong”!

The most sensible step in this case would be to contact a specialist who can study the symptoms, analyze test results, prescribe recommended treatment. We all need a Dr. House-like specialist, who can restore the status quo.

Things going wrong are common in any organization. If you’d like to know what it is causing them in your organization, you’ve come to the right place.

A Tale of Three Assessments

Assessments are popular in the field of customer-centricity. They are a good way to diagnose the current state and point out areas of improvement. In a best-case scenario, you might even get personalized recommendations. But … the problem with modern assessments is that they are either marketing gimmicks, with all the fanfare and flair and no insight, or they are too complicated, and too expensive with hundreds and hundreds of pages of analyses that are unnecessarily deep and confusing.

Here, at experience5, we offer you an approach that walks the balanced center line between too superficial and too detailed: the Customer Institute Assessments.

Successful Around the Globe, With a Benefit-Guarantee Approach

A Customer Institute Assessment is the perfect approach for every organization wanting to understand their maturity and room for improvement when transforming into a customer-centric organization.

There are three organizational areas that a Customer Institute Assessment can evaluate:

  1. Customer Experience,
  2. Employee Experience, and
  3. Customer Support

Each is important in its own right.

Used with dozens of organizations around the globe, the Customer Institute assessments deliver hard evidence of the status quo, recommendations on improvement and actionable steps on the road to customer centricity.

In each of the three cases you receive:

  1. A quantitative scoring baseline to improve from,
  2. A wealth of qualitative verbatim from employees, and
  3. Prioritized and pragmatic improvement recommendations.

A Sound Methodology That Works Every Time

No matter what you choose to improve on, the Customer Institute assessments use a no-failure methodology that is sure to give you food for thought and motivation for action.

On-site Interviews and Assessments

The first step of each assessment is the on-site research. experience5 is trained and certified to perform all three Customer Institute Assessments – and we contributed significantly to their development!

We perform visits on-site and conduct person-to-person, or person-to-group interviews to collect scores and insights about the current state of the organization. To get the full picture, we will add mystery shopping, expert conversations, as well as topical assessments of detail areas. This on-site assessment covers ten topical areas with ten detailed areas each – giving the organization insight into 100 of the most relevant areas of their operations.

What differentiates this step from any other assessment is the personal touch: no surveys, no one-size-fits-all questionnaires, but rather real conversations on-site with stakeholders from across the organization.

Thorough Data Analysis

The second step is the analysis of the data collected. Our team thoroughly reviews the assessment scores and comments together with all other evidence collected and objectively score all 10 categories reviewed. Each category has 10 criteria, scored on the scale of 0 to 10.

The final result of the evaluation is a score out of 1,000 points. At the highest level, this score reveals where you stand.

The organization receives quantitative scores for each of the 100 detailed items reviewed, the categories’ score, as well as the overall score. The vast amount of data allows for detailed prioritization of improvement areas and provides a clear picture of the status quo.

Turning Data into Insight: The Management Report

Finally, all results are turned into a comprehensive, benefit-guaranteed report with:

  1. Quantitative data that can be used as baseline
  2. Powerful insights that reflect employee attitude and
  3. Tailored improvement suggestions based on organizations shared pain points, best practices not yet widely shared across teams or not even implemented anywhere in the organization, yet.

The Right Set of Categories to Assess for Your Improvement Journey

The Customer Experience Assessment

The Customer Institute Customer Experience Assessment measures the intentions and capabilities of customer centricity in the organization. In other words: How much does the organization set out to become customer centric, and how effective are the skills to achieve this goal as of today?


The Employee Experience Assessment

The Customer Institute Employee Experience Assessment looks at the balance between environmental factors benefiting the organization and those benefiting the employees. It will determine the organization’s ability to attract and retain the talent it needs and motivate it to behave in a customer centric way.


The Customer Support Assessment

The Customer Institute Customer Support Assessment investigates the customer support maturity of an organization. Both, the ability to efficiently take-in, manage, and reply to customer requests as well as the amount of empathy the team can deliver to customers are important dimensions of a support organizations capabilities.

Global Standard of Excellence – Global Recognition:

Customer Institute Certification for Excellent Assessment Results

A key advantage of using Customer Institute Assessments for your improvement roadmap is the calibration of your organization versus globally accepted best practices in the field assessed. As a result, assessed organizations will be awarded Customer Institute certification for every assessment with excellent results:

  • Silver Certification for a minimum of 700 out of 1,000 points scored
  • Gold Certification for a minimum of 800 out of 1,000 points scored
  • Platinum Certification for a minimum of 900 out of 1,000 points scored

Certifications are an effective and credible way of showcasing capabilities of excellence to customers, partners, and stakeholders in your industry.

Easy to Procure, Competently Delivered, Boosting Your Improvement Journey

All three Customer Institute Assessments can be delivered around the globe by certified experience5 experts.

Competitive, all-inclusive pricing available anywhere in the world make the method an easy to procure and quick to implement approach. This allows organizations to focus their energy on the implementation of improvement suggestions instead of on the methodology identifying them.

Should you wish to find out how to run a Customer Institute Assessment at your organization, please contact us here and we will be able to schedule time to answer all of your questions.



“The history of mankind is one of continuous improvement.
The Customer Institute assessments are designed to support such improvement!”

Stefan Osthaus
President Customer Institute