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Does it take one hundred steps to become customer-centric?

Does it take one hundred steps to become customer-centric?

Introducing MapCX – your 100-step guide to customer centricity

We all have been on journeys – more or less exotic. Some are easier to start than others, some are exciting and joyful, some are arduous and hard. Deciding as an organization to become more customer centric embarks on such a journey. Here, at experience5, it is our job to help you plan for this journey, show you the best path to success, and help you avoid all pitfalls on the way.

“One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” – Photo: NASA

Pick a Sherpa with a reliable map

We have casted more than 25 years of experience in customer centricity into a unique, check-listed map with all major sights (steps) marked, all the trails laid-out, pitfalls flagged, and water holes named.

Now you don’t have to re-invent the wheel! Instead, you can rely on industry best practice and follow a proven path to success building on what previous initiatives have learned, developed, and dismissed and unsuccessful. All you need to bring is the will and readiness of the organization to take the first step.

A Map you can learn in one day

Our roadmap to customer centricity in called MapCX and it maps out the typical one hundred steps that any organization needs to complete in order to become more customer centric. MapCX covers all the decisive aspects such as a strategy, culture, governance, as well as tactical actions such as the creation of effective listening programs and resource planning.

MapCX translates the strategy framework of customer centricity…

In a second step during this one-day MapCX workshop, we then tick-off items that have already been addressed, delete steps that are not relevant for your particular organization, and prioritize the rest.

As a result, this one-day MapCX workshop leaves you with a prioritized 2–3-year roadmap for your CX initiative. From here onwards, no headcount request, no IT implementation, and no project aspect will come as a surprise.

From real-world success stories to your real-world task at hand

… into an easy-to-follow roadmap of the major steps involved in a CX initiative.

The one hundred steps are spaced throughout a typical three-year period, which gives you enough time to:

  1. Decide your strategic focus: Are you really interested in becoming a customer-centric organization? If so, what are your objectives? Who will lead the journey, will it be a team or an individual? Who will be the internal sponsor, and other basic decisions around the strategic focus.
  2. Plan out in advance and allocate appropriate resources – will you be hiring extra team members? Are you planning to invest heavily in automation?

Success is journey, not a destination

Reaching the end of the roadmap will ensure that an organization is one hundred steps ahead of its competitors, but will the journey truly be over? Becoming a customer-centric organization is a commendable endeavor, however, maintaining the status among the customers can become a journey on its own. No organization stands alone in today’s competitive environment. Individuals interact with companies every minute of their day, and they might get better service, better solutions, and better deals from someone else. This will set their expectations higher, or even create newer standards of what it means to be valued.

So, the name of the game in customer centricity is “continuous improvement.” MapCX will, besides providing a clear vision for the organization, create a structure for continuous improvement within the organization.

The strategy and the culture that the company creates for itself within the roadmap become solid foundations for customer centricity. Team organization and governance will convert into the pillars that the listening programs stand on. And listening to customers, employees, and processes within the organization will enable the organization to collect the data, gain insights and turn these insights into actions for continued improvements.

Are you ready for your MapCX?

MapCX is a unique tool. Unique in its pragmatism, unique in its efficient usability, and utterly unique in the profoundness of the aggregated best practices.

Adopting the MapCX roadmap means your organization will approach the customer-centricity journey fully prepared, with the best maps in your hand that turn unknown and scary territory into an easy to master terrain. Let us provide you with your own MapCX and sail ahead!