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Maintaining Your Mojo

Maintaining Your Mojo

15 Great Ways to Re-Energize During the Day

It happens to your smart phone—the battery dies during the day and leaves you stranded without your favorite gadget, cut off from the world. But it also happens to you—your energy gets drained during the day and leaves you demotivated, uninspired or short-tempered.

Keep this list handy and pick your favorite recharging activity from it whenever your energy level drops. You’ll see: your battery will get a boost and carry you through your day.

  1. Be outside
    Go for a walk or a run and enjoy the air, the sun and the weather.
  2. Read something pleasant or inspiring
    It helps sometimes to deal with something completely different.
  3. Slow down and do one thing at a time
    Observe how good you can be at things if you focus.
  4. Exercise
    Do your favorite exercise and enjoy the rush.
  5. Take a nap
    Even fifteen minutes will work.
  6. Be silent and give your thoughts some room
    Go for a walk, sit in a quiet place, take a bath, meditate.
  7. Have a good conversation
    Listen actively to someone you care about.
  8. Change your point of view
    Depolarize by trying to find three good arguments for their point of view.
  9. Show compassion
    You can’t rescue everyone, but you can put yourself in their shoes and appreciate their struggle.
  10. Imagine something new
    Find a solution for something that bothers you.
  11. Ask someone for help
    You always help others; let them show their gratitude.
  12. Fix a small nuisance
    Because it feels great to finally change that light bulb.
  13. Let go of something
    Things in your closet, your bad habits, stuff you don’t need.
  14. Meet a new person
    Hi, I have seen you a few times here and I wanted to introduce myself.
  15. Perform an act of kindness
    Help, compliment, make peace with, listen to, or invite someone.
  16. Enjoy (!) a meal
    Just good healthy food, you, and – maybe – a nice person to talk to.

What these activities have in common is that you will feel great and re-energized after any of them. They are the feel-good, do-good alternative to eating a bag of chips when you feel down and they work so much better.

Add your favorite recharging activities to this list and make a point of picking one every time you feel your energy drain away.


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